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Video tutorial on why and how to create class interfaces (in C#)

I received the microphone I ordered last Thursday. So, now I could make my first tutorial video.

While working on the script for the fluent interface tutorial, I realized I needed to explain class interfaces. So I wrote a smaller tutorial for that. It seems like a topic that people might want to learn independently of writing fluent interfaces.

It’s up on YouTube now, at this link

I suggest you watch it full-screen, with a resolution of [at least] 240p, since most of the video is a screencast of my writing code in Visual Studio.

Please take a look at the video and let me know what you think of it. Any comments, questions, or suggestions are appreciated.

I may be able to do the fluent interface video next weekend, although I noticed with this first video that it takes a bit of time doing the editing.


  1. joe
    joe October 18, 2013

    Nice video! I was curious on what you used to get the zoom effects for the video to focus on what you were working on (and menus)

    • Scott Lilly
      Scott Lilly October 18, 2013

      Thanks. I used the built-in zoom feature in Camtasia 8 (the program I used to record and edit the video). There’s a smart zoom feature that’s supposed to focus on wherever your cursor or keyboard attention is, but I didn’t use that. I just added manual zooms when, and where, I wanted them.

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