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Installing GitHub Desktop for Visual Studio 2015 on Windows 10

Video for installing GitHub Desktop

In this video, I’ll show you how to install and use GitHub Desktop, a program to use the online GitHub version control service.

If you have your source code repository online, you can share your code with other programmers. Also, you have it backed up if anything happens to your computer.

One negative with GitHub is that you need to pay if you want to keep your source code private. If you use GitHub without paying, your projects will be public, and anyone can see them. No one can make changes without your permission. But if you want to keep your project private, you need to get a paid plan for GitHub.

You can use a command-line version of GitHub, but I like the desktop app. I feel it’s a little easier to work with – since I don’t have to remember the different commands.


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Using GitHub with Subversion

If you use GitHub with Subversion, you’ll want GitHub to ignore your Subversion files and directories. To do that in GitHub Desktop, click on the gear symbol, select “Repository Settings”, choose “Ignored Files”, and add these lines:



Future videos

Now that we have source control setup, I’ll create some videos that show how to add unit tests to your project (to make sure your changes don’t break the program) and automated testing after each source control commit. Then, we’ll move on to making changes in the open source RPG project I started a while back.


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