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WPF program to test your memory of the digits of Pi

I recently started memorizing digits of Pi.

To test myself, I would write the digits on an index card, and compare what I wrote to a printout. This didn’t provide good feedback. If I was wrong about the 20th digit (for example), I wouldn’t know until after I finished writing all the digits and compared them.

So, like any good programmer, I wrote an app to help. Here’s a screenshot of it.



Users enter values using their keyboard or by clicking on the calculator-like buttons. They can click on “H”, to get the next digit. If they enter an incorrect value, a popup will appear letting them know.

The line at the top shows how many correct digits were entered – ignoring the decimal point but including the initial “3”.


NuGet packages

Even though it isn’t needed for this program, I added the Prism NuGet package to the solution. It’s been a few years since I used Prism, and I wanted to refresh my skills a bit.

If you download the code, remember to restore NuGet packages for the solution.


Future plans

Some things I’m considering:

  • Adding speech recognition for user input
  • Make into a mobile app
  • Store “scores”, and possibly show graph over time


Source code (MIT License)


Let me know if you try this out, and how many digits you can remember. The screenshot above is from a real test session of mine. So far (22 Sept 2019), 55 is the maximum number of digits I can do.

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