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More versions of SuperAdventure

Several people have completed all the lessons and built their own, expanded versions of the SuperAdventure game – which I think is great!

If you’ve added new features to the game, and would like to share it with others, please leave a comment here and I’ll add it to this page.


RPG Adventure Plus:



  1. Gerrit
    Gerrit September 16, 2016

    Hello again,

    i am still working on this Game, just check it out,

    including test-classes and test-maps, including a working dungeon, hope you dont get lost in there, just have to add creeps and loots in there…

    Maybe you know how i can create a “lootSpot”, like.. when u move to ZoneXY, you get a sword as a reward, without any quest-stuff oder Monster?

    Thanks again for this awesome tutorial

    regards Gerrit

    • Scott Lilly
      Scott Lilly September 17, 2016

      Cool! I’ll look at it this weekend and see if I can give you a hint for creating loot spots.

    • Scott Lilly
      Scott Lilly September 19, 2016

      Wow! You built a HUGE world!

      To give the player an item at a location (without fighting a monster, or completing a quest), you could add a new property to the Location class. It would be similar to ItemRequiredToEnter, but it would be ItemFoundHere. Then, in the MoveTo function, check if that location has an ItemFoundHere. If so, give it to the player. You might want to add something so the player can only get the item the first time they move to the location – maybe check if they already have that item in their inventory.

    • Kyle
      Kyle October 13, 2016

      Hi Gerrit! Ive been working on a version of this game as well for over a year now and onething I was able to do was add chests into the game. Basically you go to a location with a chest and it prompts you to click a “loot” button, then it gives you whatever items were in the chest. I also was able to make some of them require keys to open to make them a little harder to access! Ill be putting up my version of the game here soon, just have to finish up a dungeon and some code refactoring. Hope this helps!

  2. Gerrit
    Gerrit September 22, 2016

    Thanks 😀

    The World is huge and still increasing, some more Zones are added currently, also some Dungeons, new Quests, Item, Monsters… whatever.

    I just got the “FreeLoot”-Thing done, thanks for your advice there.

    Now im stuck on another point, im thinking about to get an simple Upgrade-System for Weapons and Armours, like when you get 10 of this Kind of weapon you can offer them to increase the Max-Damage +1 or something alike.. but i dont get any idea how i could do that..

    Maybe you got a idea for that?

    Thanks and Kind regards,



    • Scott Lilly
      Scott Lilly September 23, 2016


      To upgrade weapons like that, you might do something similar to the quests, where you need to turn in a certain number of items, to receive the “reward” item. Then, create a screen similar to the trader screen – except have it show the possible upgrade “quests” that the play can complete, to turn in items for the upgraded item.

  3. Gerrit
    Gerrit October 27, 2016

    Hello again

    A new Version of my game:

    Including a trade-System, a new experience-System, some maths for criticalhits, dodges, monster-spawn-rates, one-time-spawns for bosses, element-System…

    currently working on the Story and balancing.. , so its not really a coding-part.

    and one of my next steps should be to outsource my hardcoded parts in the world.cs..

    best regards,

    • Scott Lilly
      Scott Lilly October 27, 2016

      Cool! I’ll definitely look at it this weekend.

  4. Kyle
    Kyle November 23, 2016

    So after over a year I finally have a working version of this game. I spent roughly 6 months faollowing the tutorials and exploring all I could think of to make this game great, and roughly had most of the game done… then I decided to scrap it all and rewrite it. I expanded the story, every area, and refactored every single file to make it cleaner and run faster. Ive added a slew of new features such as:

    Quests are only given by NPC’s
    Boss monsters
    Lootable chests
    5 different puzzles
    2 minigames (obtainable through a quest line)
    Multiple quest lines
    Multiple types of equipment with bonuses
    A main quest element featuring 8 dungeons, zelda style. (4 currently complete and in game)
    Unique items obtainable throughout the dungeons that do different things
    Abilities to catch/kill your own food and cook it
    Potion making
    Plus more!

    In the future I plan to finish the dungeons, add another minigame plus 2 whole new areas, expand the questlines, and fully functional and dynamic map, audio, and one day, I’m going to turn it into a 2d game with Unity. Ive been experimenting with a mobile version too! So give it a while and tell me what you think! Also if you wanna look at the source code to get some ideas, I’ll post that too!


    *Disclaimer, I do not own any of the images that are used in this game. They are all ripped from the internet from various games.


    Files with the just the game:


    Source Code:


    After you download the files (if you choose the first option) just extract them all and run the Adventure_v2.0.exe



    • Scott Lilly
      Scott Lilly November 25, 2016

      Very cool!

      I look forward to seeing your Unity version. Adding graphics will make it a better game to play.

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