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Category: C# Professional Development

Reuse your C# code by creating NuGet packages

Why create NuGet packages?

We all talk about how great code reuse is, but how many of us actually reuse our code – other than opening up an older project and copy-pasting code from it into our new projects?

Creating your own NuGet packages is a simple way to share code across projects.

These NuGet packages can be useful for both our hobby and our work projects.



Create the code for the NuGet package

  • Decide on the code you want to re-use and share
    • Some functionality you repeatedly perform
    • Something you wrote to simplify other development
  • Create a Class Library project
    • Lowest version of .NET possible (use .NET Standard, if possible)
      • Determines where you can use this NuGet package
    • Add code
    • Add dependent packages, if needed
      • Use lowest version possible
    • If pushing to, consider:
      • Adding a license file
      • Adding a readme file
      • Adding an icon (look for CC0, if publishing)
    • Treat like a professional project
      • Publish instructions on how to use
      • Have unit tests
      • Have continuous integration
      • Track issues and put on project board


Create NuGet package from Class Library project

  • View Class Library’s project properties
    • Select “Package” section
      • Check “Generate NuGet package on build”
    • Package ID
      • Naming rules
      • Prefix, to make unique
        • If posting to, maybe use your name or company name
        • If internal, company or division name
      • Package version
        • Use good hygiene here
      • Description, Copyright, Project URL, Icon, README, Repository URL, etc.
        • Nice to have if publishing to
      • To build, right-click on project and select “Pack”
        • Creates .nupkg file in project’s \bin\release folder
          • The one file is all you need to copy
            • Ignore the sub-directory
          • File name includes version number
          • This is a zip file


Make your NuGet package available to others

  • For personal/internal packages, copy to directory on the network
  • For public projects, upload to


Using a local NuGet package

  • Manage NuGet packages for solution
    • Add new package source
      • Network share for your corporate packages
    • FYI: Visual Studio Offline Packages is a local cache of your used packages
  • Select “Package source” that includes the package location
    • Default is “”
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