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C# Design Patterns

If you want to learn about design patterns, and see how to implement them in C#, here are some guides, videos, and sample code I’ve created:

C# Design Pattern guides

Builder Pattern (text and video)(video only)

Command Pattern (text and video)(video-only)

Composition over Inheritance (text and video)(video only)

Data Mapper and Active Record Patterns (text and video)(video-only)

Dependency Injection (text and video)(video only)

Factory Pattern (text and video) – (video-only)

Memento Pattern (text and video) – (video-only)

MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) Pattern (text and video)(video only)

Prototype Pattern (text and video)(video only)

Publish/Subscribe (text and video)(video only)

Singleton Pattern (text and video) – (video-only)

Strategy Pattern (text and video)(video only)

Wrapper/Facade Pattern (text and video) – (video-only)


Solution, with all code samples


  1. Jan Teren
    Jan Teren October 5, 2018

    Great work Scott, Thank you!


  2. Bishal
    Bishal February 14, 2019

    Great articles.
    One quick question, Is factory pattern and abstract factory pattern fairly similar? I tried to learn abstract from other resources, seemed way to complicated for me. Could you do an article on abstract factory pattern in the future please? You have a great way of teaching.
    Thank you for your articles.

    • Scott Lilly
      Scott Lilly February 17, 2019

      I’ll look into creating a lesson for the abstract factory pattern. I’ve been really busy at work (and a little burnt out) for a few months – but am trying to back into creating new lessons here.

  3. Mayron
    Mayron May 16, 2019

    Excellent web ressource for learning about C# and WPF. Thanks for your time.

  4. Gautham
    Gautham May 30, 2020

    I am finding your tutorials very useful, with practical examples. Thank you for putting them together.

  5. mahmoud alaskalany
    mahmoud alaskalany July 27, 2021

    great reaources am learning from them

    keep up the good work scott

  6. Natasha
    Natasha September 28, 2021

    Thank you so much! Amazing and clear explanations.

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