C# Design Patterns

If you want to learn about design patterns, and see how to implement them in C#, here are some guides, videos, and sample code I’ve created:


Command Pattern (text and video)(video-only)

Composition over Inheritance (text and video)(video only)

Data Mapper and Active Record Patterns (text and video)(video-only)

Dependency Injection (text and video)(video only)

Factory Pattern (text and video) – (video-only)

Memento Pattern (text and video) – (video-only)

MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) Pattern (text and video)(video only)

Prototype Pattern (text and video)(video only)

Publish/Subscribe (text and video)(video only)

Singleton Pattern (text and video) – (video-only)

Strategy Pattern (text and video)(video only)

Wrapper/Facade Pattern (text and video) – (video-only)


Solution, with all code samples


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