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Year in Review – 2015 Summary and 2016 Plans


Because of moving back to the US in June, the site didn’t get as much attention as I wanted to give it. A lot of my time was spent on moving, getting re-settled, and starting my new job.

Fortunately, during the last month or two, life has returned to “normal” – and I’ve been able to create more lessons and videos. So, you should see much more in 2016.


Summary of 2015

  • Nine new lessons for the C# RPG guide
  • Six new videos, on how I set up my .NET development environment
  • Parts list for my two new computers – one for my office (development only), the other for home (development and gaming)


Plans for 2016

These are the two more sets of lessons I want to make for Learn C# by Building a Simple RPG. When these are done, I probably won’t do any more lessons for this project. I want to focus on some other ideas.

  • C# RPG lessons to add a vendor to a location – and buy/sell items
  • C# RPG lessons to save data to a SQL database

Some other things I have planned:

  • Complete the open-source C# RPG application I started a long time ago. This will include desktop (WPF) and web (ASP.NET) front-ends, along with a tool to let you easily create the locations, inventory, monsters, etc. for your game.
  • Programming katas – I’ll present small programming situations, let you figure out how you would solve them, then show you how I would solve them.
  • More videos of C# programming concepts, and possibly live-coding sessions on Twitch.
  • Lessons for an intermediate-level C# project. I don’t know what the project would be, but I’d like to have something for people who complete the beginner’s C# RPG lessons.
  • Add some more features to a WordPress plugin I wrote to embed YouTube videos, then release it.
  • Clean up, and release the source code for Decision Assistant – a program I wrote to evaluate complex decisions.

Possible projects:

  • A remake of the C# RPG lessons. Since I created it, 18 months ago, I’ve received a lot of feedback and had several ideas on how I would do it differently. If I do this, I’m thinking about also doing it in other (spoken) languages – Spanish would probably be first.


If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in 2016, please leave a comment below.


Site statistics

Visitors in 2015: 55,107 (63.6% more than 2014)

Pageviews in 2015: 231,503 (193% more than 2014)


Thanks for visiting, and I hope you have a great 2016!


  1. Aviv
    Aviv December 31, 2015

    Live coding on twitch sounds really interesting!

    Happy new year

  2. Conor
    Conor February 16, 2016

    Really glad to hear you plan to update the RPG tutorial, wouldn’t be where I am without it! If you do follow through with remaking the tutorial I’ll be going over it again even if it is for beginners.



    • Scott Lilly
      Scott Lilly February 16, 2016

      Thank you. I’ll be sure to add some new things, for people who’ve already completed the original course.

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