Year in Review – 2015 Summary and 2016 Plans


Because of moving back to the US in June, the site didn’t get as much attention as I wanted to give it. A lot of my time was spent on moving, getting re-settled, and starting my new job.

Fortunately, during the last month or two, life has returned to “normal” – and I’ve been able to create more lessons and videos. So, you should see much more in 2016.


Summary of 2015

  • Nine new lessons for the C# RPG guide
  • Six new videos, on how I set up my .NET development environment
  • Parts list for my two new computers – one for my office (development only), the other for home (development and gaming)


Plans for 2016

These are the two more sets of lessons I want to make for Learn C# by Building a Simple RPG. When these are done, I probably won’t do any more lessons for this project. I want to focus on some other ideas.

  • C# RPG lessons to add a vendor to a location – and buy/sell items
  • C# RPG lessons to save data to a SQL database

Some other things I have planned:

  • Complete the open-source C# RPG application I started a long time ago. This will include desktop (WPF) and web (ASP.NET) front-ends, along with a tool to let you easily create the locations, inventory, monsters, etc. for your game.
  • Programming katas – I’ll present small programming situations, let you figure out how you would solve them, then show you how I would solve them.
  • More videos of C# programming concepts, and possibly live-coding sessions on Twitch.
  • Lessons for an intermediate-level C# project. I don’t know what the project would be, but I’d like to have something for people who complete the beginner’s C# RPG lessons.
  • Add some more features to a WordPress plugin I wrote to embed YouTube videos, then release it.
  • Clean up, and release the source code for Decision Assistant – a program I wrote to evaluate complex decisions.

Possible projects:

  • A remake of the C# RPG lessons. Since I created it, 18 months ago, I’ve received a lot of feedback and had several ideas on how I would do it differently. If I do this, I’m thinking about also doing it in other (spoken) languages – Spanish would probably be first.


If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see in 2016, please leave a comment below.


Site statistics

Visitors in 2015: 55,107 (63.6% more than 2014)

Pageviews in 2015: 231,503 (193% more than 2014)


Thanks for visiting, and I hope you have a great 2016!

4 thoughts on “Year in Review – 2015 Summary and 2016 Plans

  1. Really glad to hear you plan to update the RPG tutorial, wouldn’t be where I am without it! If you do follow through with remaking the tutorial I’ll be going over it again even if it is for beginners.



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