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Weekly Update – 24 Nov 2013


I’ve added the graphics to the habit-building app I’m writing. I also made changes to solve a problem I was having with the data. There are only two more changes to add before it will be ready to submit to the Windows App Store. I’ll finish those up this week, and get the app submitted for release.

I continued working on the guide for learning C# by building a simple RPG. I’m still trying to decide exactly what I want to do with that guide, as far as “selling” it. I’m thinking about giving away the whole course for free, and building a membership group for more training guides and videos. But I’m not 100% decided on that. If you have any opinions, please let me know.


I’m still keeping up with my gym visits. Even though going to the gym has very little to do with programming, I feel it does help.

Making progress in anything seems to be based on having the discipline to build good habits. So, going to the gym not only exercises your body, but it also exercises your “habit muscles”. And it’s something very visible (losing weight or gaining muscles). Sometimes it’s difficult to continue working on something when you don’t see any results (like building a business). So it’s nice to have some habits with visible signs of progress.

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