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Weekly Update – 17 Nov 2013


I spent all this week working on building a simple role-playing game that I can use as a sample project for a beginner’s guide on learning C#. I’ve also started the guidebook to go along with it, and have a fresh new virtual machine ready to make videos of the parts that are best explained through video.

I didn’t make any progress on the habit-building app. I never heard back from one graphic artist I spoke with, so it’s time to look for someone else. I want to get this submitted soon, so it will be ready for everyone in time for their New Year’s resolutions. That will be my focus for this week.


My “Week of Hustle” for JFDI.BZ went fairly well. I made the progress I was hoping to make (with regards to building the product), but still need to make some big improvements on marketing and finding people who want to buy what I build – or, even better, only building things that people really want to buy.

I also bought a ticket for a Thanksgiving lunch happening this week. There is a Paraguayan Friends of North-America group putting on the luncheon, with lots of the typical Thanksgiving dishes (although I don’t know if they’ll have cranberries – I’ve never seen any here). It’s not really a “networking” event, but it is getting out of the apartment and meeting more people.


Made it to the gym three times this week – as planned. It may be time to split up the workouts, and not do full-body workouts each time. I’ve been a bit more tired this last week, and may need a little more recuperation time.

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