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Tag: personal productivity

My plans for the week

To create a bit more accountability for myself, I’m going to try posting my plans for the week every week.


I went over the fluent interface tutorial I’ve been working on, and I think that it’s way too long. So, my plan for the week is to re-write the script to be much shorter. On Saturday or Sunday, I make the screencast. I can really only do it on the weekend, since I don’t have a quiet room in my apartment, and those are the days with the least amount of traffic.


I’ve wanted to build a Windows App Store program for a while. Now I’m finally doing it.

This first app is going to be very basic, no Internet interaction, no database, etc. Think of it as something like a calculator (that’s not what it is, but I don’t want to give it away just yet).

The idea is for me to get something into the App Store, and start building a process to get more apps there.

The app will be free and ad-supported. However, I have plans for other apps that I will charge for.


Besides what I’ll need to learn to write my Windows App Store program (this will be my first XAML-based program, beyond the simple “Hello World!” that we all write), I need to improve my skills on front-end web development.

For much of my recent career, I’ve been a back-end .Net programmer at large companies. That’s given me the luxury of letting other people do the really slick UI stuff. But now, I need to be more of a full-stack developer. So, it’s time to get much better at CSS and JavaScript.

This week, I’ll build an outline of the jQuery functions I want to be familiar with. I know that learning jQuery isn’t the same as learning JavaScript, but my focus is on quickly developing apps, and jQuery will let me do that. It’s also used almost every I work. ASP.Net MVC 4 apps include it in the template project. So that’s where I’ll start.


There’s a Startup Weekend coming up here in Asunción on October 18th. Even though my Spanish still isn’t up to deep technical or business conversation level, I’m thinking about attending this event. My big concern is that most developers here work in Java, and it seems like many of the projects that come out of Startup Weekends are in Ruby.

Worst case, I can do some testing, maybe give some input on workflow, and help with English (in case anyone wants to write an app that supports English).


Every day, I’ll spend some time writing down app ideas.

I’ve also recently started getting back into shape, so I’m going to try some different exercises (along with different frequencies of doing them). Fortunately, I’m not overweight. But I do miss being in the same shape I was in when I was 18, and just out of Basic Training. I’m experimenting with workout programs to see what gives me the maximum results, with the minimum effort.

I’m also cooking more frequently. As part of getting back into shape, I want to eat healthier.

I’ve also increased the amount of water I drink every day. Every day, I drink about two liters of tereré (yerba mate tea, using cold water), the national drink here in Paraguay.


I’ll post a summary of what I actually accomplished this week, along with my plans for next week, on Sunday.

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