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Details of upcoming Decision Assistant version 3.0

Now that I have some business ideas for Decision Assistant, I realized there are a few new features it needs.

I need to add these changes in order to have a system that can connect to an inventory system and be used by the retail customers of businesses who will use Decision Assistant.

Filtering factors

There currently isn’t any way remove options if they don’t meet a condition.

For instance, if the customer has a budget of $500, there isn’t a quick, easy way to eliminate all options with prices above $500. Or, in another case, if the person refuses to buy a certain brand.

That means the user will waste time dealing with options they know they’ll never choose.

So I’m adding new “filtering” factors.

There will be two major types – text and numeric. The text factors will be used to hold information like brand. Numeric factors will let users eliminate options that are less than, or greater than, their specified value.

Manual factor improvements

I wrote before that manual comparisons can take a long time. If a user has 20 options, they could potentially need to make 190 manual comparisons (the formula to compute maximum manual comparisons is (((n * n) – n) / 2).

I’ve already made the process faster by checking if any selection can automatically determine the result of another selection (if A is better than B, and B is better than C, then I automatically say that A is better than C). However, I think I can improve the performance more by asking the question in a certain order – kind of like using a more efficient sort algorithm.

But since the main driver for this version is tying in to inventory systems, and eliminating much of the manual comparisons, this may be put off as a version 3.1 feature.

Sales ideas

Of course, the ultimate goal [for me] is to find some way to make money off this engine.

I’ve come up with an idea that may let me give it away for a fraction of the [hopefully] increased revenue for the people who use it.

If you deal with affiliate sales, and are interested in this, send me a message.

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