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Open Source C# RPG: 002 – Initial game entity classes

I’ve updated the project with some of the basic classes we’ll need in the game. These are in the Engine project, with the game entities in the “Entities” folder.

Entity classes

Many of the classes have a base class of BaseGameItem, which holds the item’s ID, name, and maximum stacking size in inventory.

The entity classes also have a base class of PropertyChangeNotifyingObject, which is what we’ll use to connect the game objects with the WPF UI. Since we can’t inherit from more than one base class in C#, the BaseGameItem also has PropertyChangeNotifyingObject as its base class.


Test project

I also added a new project (TestEngine) to eventually hold unit tests for the Engine project.


Next update

I’m moving back to the US next week, so I probably won’t post anything for the next couple of weeks. I’ve been running around non-stop, getting ready to move, and it will take a while to get settled.


As always, the source code is here:

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