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Status update on “Learn C# by Building a Simple RPG” 16 May 2014

I just published eleven new lessons for the C# guide I’ve been working on.

These lessons cover:

  • How to create your first solution (program) in Visual Studio, along with how to separate your projects in it.
  • How to use the drag-and-drop feature of Visual Studio to put objects (buttons, text, etc.) on your program’s screen, along with how to configure them to look exactly how you want.
  • Creating a class in C#, and how to define the properties you want in it.
  • How to create objects from your C# class.
  • How to do inheritance, using a base class, to store common properties in your classes.
  • How to use custom constructors for your C# classes, to set the values of the properties of an object, at the same time when you create the object.
  • How your class can use your other classes as properties.
  • How to set up and use static classes and properties, and when you may not want to use them.


I’m working on the remaining lessons. These will let you finish the user interface of the game and add in the “brains” of the game, to let the player move around, fight monsters, and complete quests.


Go to the lesson index here: Learn C# by Building a Simple RPG Index


If you have any questions about any of the lessons, please leave a comment on the lesson page. It’s definitely possible that there are some places that could be easier to understand, and I can work on improving those lessons for you.

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