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Shiny Rock Hunter – C# RPG – 26 August 2014 update

I’ve made some significant changes to the Shiny Rock Hunter game over the last few weeks.

The biggest change is switching from a Windows Form UI to a XAML UI. Windows Form apps are a bit outdated, and XAML is “the way of the future”, so I figured it’s best to switch over now.

The latest version has these new features:

  • Ability to select the screen size from a list of the common dimensions
  • Ability to use WASD and the four arrow keys to “move” in the game. This happens in the KeyPressManager class, which will also allow us to have users re-bind actions to their preferred keys in the future.
  • The UI displays the inventory and quest lists.

XAML is a bit weird. It makes some things simpler (like most binding and updating from the game objects). However, it also makes some things much more difficult, or, at least to me, “non-obvious”. Hopefully, as I work with it more, it will become easier.

Here’s what the current screen looks like:


This is what I have planned for the future look (overhead, 2D, non-animated graphics). When things progress a bit more, I’ll have better graphics done. But the idea will be for it to keep the cartoony look.


I’ll be busy this week with some (live, in-person) classes I’m creating for software teams who want to learn how to improve their development process with Agile/Lean programming. But I should be able to get in a little time on the game. I’ll concentrate on adding monsters to a few locations, adding their loot, the ability for the player to fight the monsters, and [maybe] a simple quest or two.

Get the source code

As always, you can get the full source code (under an MIT license) here:


    • Scott Lilly
      Scott Lilly September 10, 2014

      Thanks for letting me know Tim.

      It seems that sometime last night, some of the pages started having that error. I’ve gotten in touch with my host’s support. Hopefully, this gets fixed quickly.

  1. Stan10785
    Stan10785 January 5, 2015

    I loved the RPG game and still working on getting it all in Xamarin on my Mac. I have to do all the GUI building the long way. I have it in VS 2010 on a windows box – great tutorial.

    I looked at the shiny rock hunter code and it is in 2013 and I am using 2010 pro. If I import the files into 2010 will it still work? I have not done any work in XMAL. I was not aware that the windows forms were going away. They are so gosh darn easy.

    • Scott Lilly
      Scott Lilly January 6, 2015

      I’m not sure if importing the files into 2010 will work or not. Visual Studio will usually upgrade a project to a newer version, but I doubt there is an automatic tool to go the other way.

      I suspect you may need to create an empty XAML page in 2010, open the 2013 version in a text editor (like notepad), then copy/paste the code into the XAML file in VS2010. For the non-XAML stuff, you can probably do “Add Existing files…” when you right-click on the project.

      Please let me know how it goes.

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