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Programming Lexicon

Here are the definitions of some programming terms that may not be familiar to new programmers.

CLOB applicationAcronym for Custom Line Of Business application.
Programs designed to automate unique business processes, instead of general-purpose programs (e.g., Outlook, Excel)
CRUD applicationAcronym for Create, Read, Update, Delete.
This term is used for simple programs that do little, or no, calculations, and are mainly designed to allow users to record and retrieve data in/from a database (or file).
Easter eggA hidden feature in a program that usually is not related to main purpose of the program.
For example, you could run a flight simulator game in Microsoft Excel 97 by following steps that would almost-certainly never happen during normal use.
HeisenbugA bug in an application whose behavior changes when you attempt to debug it. These are often caused by issues with threading or timing, since debugging pauses the program, causing the threading/timing flow to be different from when the program is normally running.
HindenbugA catastrophic bug. From the Hindenburg disaster.
PEBCAKAcronym for Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard.
Used when a reported bug is actually a user training issue.