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New website for my ASP.Net portfolio projects

NOTE: Because I haven’t worked with Azure for a long time, I stopped running the website there.


My ASP.Net web apps have a new home – Azure!

In the past, I hosted some of my web apps on different servers. However, it gets a little expensive renewing the domain names and paying for the hosting plans. So, I’m putting them in “the cloud”, with an Azure web site, at

It’s a little sparse right now. The only app currently available is “Decision Assistant”, a program I wrote to help you make the best choice for complex decisions. However, I have ideas for several new apps to add to the site.

The next app will probably be a fluent interface creation tool. This will be based on the techniques I showed in my post on How to create a fluent interface in C#.

You’ll be able to add the different methods used in the fluent interface, select which ones can be called by at different points (to build the grammar), and the app will create the files for you (classes and interface files). The first version will be C#, but I hope to be able to have VB.Net and Java versions available soon after getting the first version out.

Expect that to be available in a couple weeks. I’m putting most of my time into developing a course on Agile software development – to give locally. It’s a completely new, comprehensive class on the “how and why” to do Agile development.

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