My Resume

I’ve removed my resume from here.

Almost everyone who contacted me from here has been a recruiter who searched for some keywords, scraped my e-mail address, ignored everything else on the site, and sent me an e-mail about a project that obviously wasn’t a match for me.

In order to save time for both of us, here are some things you need to know before you decide if I’m the right person to work with you.


Who I am

I started programming over 30 years ago, on a computer that ran at 1 MHz and had 4K of memory. So, making the most efficient use of CPU cycles and memory is an ingrained habit.

I’ve been an Agile coach and have studied the Theory of Constraints and similar lean manufacturing principles since the late 80s.

I use these principles for both how I write programs and how the programs work internally. I think of software processes as virtual factories and optimize them in a similar manner.

To me, faster, cheaper hardware isn’t an excuse for writing inefficient programs.

What I do

My recent work has been in C#. I’ve worked on websites, web services, Windows services, and desktop applications.

Most of my work has been in the back-ends of large corporate systems that need to reliably, and quickly, process large amounts of data.

I use CSS, JavaScript, and AJAX when building websites. However, I’m definitely not a designer. If you want your website to look pretty, I’m more than happy to work with a designer. But my design skills are best described as “functional”.

I’ve worked on several projects where I’ve been able to increase the throughput by more than 10 times.

If you need your .Net application to run faster, without buying more servers, we should talk.

Where I work

I’ve permanently moved from the US to Paraguay.

I’m only available for work I can do 100% remotely – unless you’re in Paraguay, or somewhere I’d really like to spend time.


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