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My plans for the week – 20 Oct 2013

Here’s what I managed to do last week, and my plans for this week.



Last Sunday, I wasn’t able to make the video tutorial for fluent interfaces. I had more hardware problems (this time, when I plugged in the external drive with the files for the tutorial, the computer locked up – on both computers).

So, I wrote a blog post for the tutorial and posted it here I also submitted it to Reddit’s csharp sub-reddit (

I don’t have any immediate plans for any new tutorials, since there are some other things I want to accomplish first.



I’ve finished the coding for my first Windows App Store program, and have all the graphics I need for it. It’s ready to submit, although I would like to improve one small part of the color scheme (the button color when the user hovers over it, or clicks on it). This week, I’ll get that submitted to the app store.

I’ve already designed a second, more involved app, to start writing this week. This one will use roaming data.



I haven’t done anything about learning more of JavaScript, and am putting that on hold.

The WPF code for Window app store apps is going to take more of my time, and I think that’s a better skill for me to learn right now.



I decided not to go to the Startup Weekend here in Asunción. My Spanish is still not “business level”, and it’s unlikely the developers there were going to want to build their projects in .Net. So I wouldn’t have been very useful.

Plus, I saw the people who volunteered to be a coaches. One of them is someone I know, and someone who has a very low “signal-to-noise” ratio. He’s another expat who spends most of his time making commitments that he never follows up on, and I’d rather not spend time around him.



I did go to the gym twice last week. This week I plan to go two or three times.

Last week, I wrote about building SortedList classes with the ability to find floor and ceiling values ( I’ll add that to my DotNetToolbox project on GitHub this week.

I’m also going to put two more of my projects in GitHub, and release them under the MIT license – MogriChess (a chess variation I wrote) and SQLHydra (a database access library I wrote with a fluent interface).

I have several ideas for blog posts this week – some technical, some more personal (about what it’s like to try to be a remote programmer, after moving to a new country).

Today, I did a fresh install of Windows 8.1 on my laptop. I’m hoping this fixes the problem I started having several weeks ago, where my laptop would lock up ten to twenty times a day. I’ll still be programming in my VM, until I can feel confident that the laptop is working without problems.


Next Sunday, I’ll post a summary of what I actually accomplished this week, along with my plans for next week.

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