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I’m moving back to the US in June

planeI usually just post programming stuff here, but I’m going to sneak in a personal post.

In case you aren’t aware, I’ve been living in South America for almost 5 years now. I’ve been trying to get a few business ideas going, but it’s been slower (and less successful) than I had hoped.

So, I’m going to return to the US in the beginning of June. I’ll be returning to Houston and looking for a full-time senior .Net programming job – ideally at a company that has a good focus on quality and follows some sort of Agile, or Lean, development practices.

I’m a bit sad that my plans didn’t work over the last few years, but going back to a full-time job will actually end up giving me more free time to work on my personal projects. I’ll be able to do “fun” projects on the evenings and weekends, instead of spending almost every second trying to grow my own business.

What does that mean for you?

Once I get settled, I’ll be able to create more programming posts here and work on some of the half-finished open-source projects I started.

One of those projects is a C# RPG that is much more advanced and flexible than the one you have at the end of my beginner’s C# course. The idea is to make it highly-configurable, so you can create a game in whatever game you want. All the locations, quests, items, etc., will be stored in XML files. I plan to create a game editor you can use, in case you don’t want to manually edit the XML data.

If you have ideas, or questions about any of the code I’ve published here, please leave a comment. I may not be 100% available over the next few weeks, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.


  1. Erik
    Erik May 14, 2015

    Hey Scott,

    I’m hoping to do some C# programming for fun and happened upon your site! I’m an old-school CRPGer and thought it might be fun to make something of my own.

    I’m sorry that your plans didn’t go as expected, but I’ll definitely be checking out your site from now on! Have a safe trip back to the US!

    • Scott Lilly
      Scott Lilly May 16, 2015

      Thanks Erik! I’ll start posting about the new open-source C# RPG game this week.

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