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Day 3 – Creating the “Learn C# by building a simple RPG” guide


While working on the project today, I thought that people will probably want the game to have more capabilities than I originally planned for.

So, I added lots of new stuff. Now, you’ll be able to require that the player has certain items before entering a location, you can create quests, do simple crafting, have a pet that can fight by your side (or heal you during battle), and more.

I’ve also done a bit of work on the user interface, to make the game a little nicer looking – although, it’s still very simple. The main object of this guide is to learn how to code in C#. The game engine is only supposed to be something you can use as a foundation for whatever direction you decide to take your own game.

Tomorrow I should have all the code finished and will be able to start building the guide. I’ll also set up a computer to let me do screencasts. Videos should be helpful in some places, especially for first time developers who aren’t familiar with Visual Studio.

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