Lesson 00.1: Overview

Before we begin, I want to let you know what to expect in these lessons.


These videos are a new version of a course I created two years ago. In that course, I showed how to build a simple role-playing game, using C# and Windows Forms.

In these videos, I’ll use WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) for the user interface. I’ll also make a few changes to the format, based on feedback from the previous course.


The three things I want to do in this series are:

  • Teach the fundamentals of programming in C#, with WPF (using good programming practices)
  • Use an edited “live-stream” format, to show how a programmer thinks and works, when creating a program
  • Create an open-source RPG engine, that can be easily modified and enhanced


Once we get past a few preparation and planning videos, each video will follow this format:

  • Select a feature to add to the game
  • Teach any new skill/commands needed to add the feature – if needed
  • Add the feature
  • Clean up the code (refactor), to make it better – if possible


The first version of the game will have the basic features of an RPG, with very simple graphics. I have a long list of additional features to add to it, after we complete the basic version. I’d also like to upgrade the graphics, to JRPG style – and maybe even create a Unity version.

However, we’ll start out with the basics.


NOTE: There are many different ways to write programs. And, there is almost always “a better way”.

These videos will show the techniques I think are good for beginners to know, to create a small program like this game. I will use a few intermediate techniques, because I want you to develop good programming habits from the start.


If you have any questions about anything in the videos, please leave a comment.


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12 thoughts on “Lesson 00.1: Overview

  1. You are a life saver! I’ve studied and know a lot of about C# terms and usage, except I still don’t know how to actually use it effectively. This is the perfect motivation I need to learn practical and functional programming so that I can take off the training wheels and start doing my own code!

    Thank yoU!

  2. Would going through the Forms tutorial first and then moving onto this be better than skipping the Forms one altogether? A better question would probably be, will this project teach the same lessons (and more) than the Forms one?

    1. If you are completely new to programming, you might want to start with the Windows Forms lessons first. They move a little slower, and go into more detail. The WPF lessons are more about building the game, and probably work better for someone who is a little familiar with programming.

  3. Hi Scott!

    I commented on the other RPG series which I am running through. I did spot this one, but I like the text based lessons a bit more than the video style in this one. I know you have the summary but it seems to just be that, a summary so I can’t read through it.

    Is the older RPG still relevant for a beginner just trying to get his teeth into it? Or shall I just try to do this one. I have little to no knowledge apart from If/Switch/Classes/Random Numbers.


    1. Hi Daniel,

      If you have very little knowledge of programming, it’s probably best to use the older course. The Windows Forms one starts with the basics and moves a little slower (until lesson 16, where I needed to cleaned up the program for the features everyone wanted). The WPF one is probably better after you are familiar with the fundamentals.

  4. Scott you are an internet hero. Thank you so much for doing these. Know that your expertise and hours of effort do not go unnoticed or in vain. Your work is very much appreciated.

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