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Future SOSCSRPG Game Features

These are the features I plan to add to the game. If you can think of other features you’d like to see in the game, or don’t like any of these, please leave a comment below.


  • Healing potions
  • Location restrictions
    • Required level
    • Required item(s)
  • Player attributes (strength, dexterity, etc.)
    • Affects battle logic
  • Achievements
    • Kill <X> monsters and get a new title
    • Craft <X> items and get a title
  • Class-specific skills/attacks/defenses
  • Spells (for magic-using classes)
    • Minimum level
    • Must learn spell
    • Use components to cast
  • Scrolls
  • Non-health potions (increase attributes)
  • Complex battle logic
    • Who attacks first
    • Ability to miss
    • Levels of player and monster affect hit probability and damage
    • Apply bonuses (to hit, evade, and damage)
  • Different types of quests
    • Kill <X> monsters
    • Delivery quests
    • Quest chains (must complete quest <A> before you can get quest <B>)
    • Make some quests repeatable
  • Armor
  • Jewelry
  • Food
    • Adds special effects?
  • Player skills
    • Ability to level up in skills, with practice
  • Crafting recipes
    • Require skills, and minimum levels?
  • Modify weapons/armor/jewelry
    • Add gemstones, which add effects
  • Pets
    • Can help attack
    • Can heal during battle
    • Provide extra effects in battle (to hit, damage, etc.)
  • Weapon/armor wear
    • Add ability to repair
  • Add unit test project and unit tests
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