5000+ people have completed the beginner’s C# course!

UPDATE April 16th, 2017

I noticed today that 2004 5,018 people have completed the lessons for the “Learn C# by Building a Simple RPG” guide, since first publishing them in July of 2014. This doesn’t include anyone who completed the course through the downloadable PDF version.

When I wrote the lessons, I was living in Paraguay, trying to start a software business.

The idea behind creating these lessons was to build something that people wanted, and found useful – since that was not happening with my business ideas. It feels good to see your actions produce a positive impact. And, at the time, I wasn’t seeing any impact from my other efforts.

So, for those of you who’ve gone through the course, I want to sincerely say, “Thank you”.

There are many ways to feel successful – and helping over 2000 5,000 people feels good.

Now that I’m back in the US, and settled in, I’ve started working on more lessons and projects. The current lessons and videos are on setting up a development environment for .NET programming. After those, I’ll get back into programming lessons. I’m also going to clean up a couple projects and release them on GitHub.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

6 thoughts on “5000+ people have completed the beginner’s C# course!

    1. A GitHub tutorial is definitely on the list. I plan to show how to set up Subversion and GitHub. That way, you can do local source control check-ins with Subversion (allowing you to run automated unit tests and continuous integration), then save to GitHub when you know the changes are good.

  1. Scott, I just wanted to say thank you – I am a DBA at my “real” job but have always wanted to program, I have done a few little C# programs but nothing major, going through your tutorials now and I’m learning quite a bit, its the best, and most detailed examples I have come across, I will have to go back over a few sections to really “get it” (Inheritance, I’m looking at you here) But I feel like im making progress.

    Thank you very much!

    1. You’re welcome, Steven! I’m glad to hear you’re making progress. Some concepts definitely take a few times to understand (personally, I’m still trying to understand some things in F#). But, they all eventually become clear, after applying enough time and effort.

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