Build a C#/WPF RPG

This is a new version of my previous lessons in Learn C# by Building a Simple RPG. Except, the user interface will use WPF/XAML, instead of Windows Forms.

I’m also trying a different style for these lessons. They will be mostly video-based, so I can talk about why I’m writing the code a specific way. I hope this will give you an idea of how a programmer thinks, when they work on a program.

There will still be a webpage here for each lesson. They will summarize any new techniques covered in the video. You can also leave questions on those pages.


NOTE: This course is “in-progress”. I’m going to try to add at least one lesson per week.



Lesson 00.1: Overview



Lesson 01.1: Installing Visual Studio Community 2015 – Update 3

Lesson 01.2: Installing TortoiseSVN and VisualSVN



Lesson 02.1: Planning the Game



Lesson 03.1: Creating the Solution and Game Screen

Lesson 03.2: Creating and Using a Subversion Repository

Lesson 03.3: Creating the Player Class

Lesson 03.4: Creating the GameSession (ViewModel) Class

Lesson 03.5: Displaying the Player Object

Lesson 03.6: Update Player data with the PropertyChanged event

Lesson 04.1: Creating the Location class

4 thoughts on “Build a C#/WPF RPG

  1. Scott, I hope you will be continuing this series in the near future. I enjoyed following the Windows Forms version and feel like it was a valuable lesson. Now, I would like to move into the WPF world and ‘get more serious’ about interfaces, application programming and the like. your videos are extremely clear and easy to follow and really helps someone like me who is extremely visually oriented. Anyway, great job and like I said, please keep going!

  2. Scott,

    I want to thank you for putting these lessons together. I just finished your ebook version of “Learn C# By Building a Simple RPG”, or at least the first 18 lessons of it, and while you went into a lot of depth with your descriptions, hearing you talk about what you’re doing really helps to cement the ideas for me. I’m new to programming in general, so your lessons and the C# Yellow Book have been a huge help.

    Thank you again, I look forward to your next lesson.

    1. Thank you Kyle,

      I got busy during the holidays, but new lessons are on the way. I’m currently editing the second version of the next lesson (I didn’t like the first version), and should post it this weekend.

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